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If [computer networking] were a traditional science, Berners-Lee would win a Nobel Prize," Eric Schmidt, CEO of Novell, once commented. Indeed, Tim Berners-Lee revolutionized the world when he created the Web in 1991. Now, he is talking about the second generation of the Web, and his talks are generating buzz...the W3C is establishing standards for it, and universities, companies, and industry consortiums are building the technologies necessary for it. He refers to it as the Semantic Web. The Semantic Web is envisaged as a place where data can be shared and processed by automated tools as well as by people. The key lies in the automation and integration of processes through machine-readable languages. In order to leverage and link the vast amounts of information available on the Web, software agents must be able to comprehend the information, i.e., the data must be... (more)

IRIDE Energia crea un sistema GIS di prossima generazione per aziende multi-utility con il software Bentley

Bentley Systems, Incorporated ha annunciato oggi che IRIDE Energia, azienda facente parte di IRIDE Group, un'azienda multi-utility leader in Italia che include aziende di gestione di acqua, elettricità, illuminazione pubblica, gas e reti di riscaldamento locali, ha sviluppato un sistema informativo geografico GIS di prossima generazione chiamato New SIT basato sulle versioni V8 XM Edition di Bentley di Bentley Map, Bentley Geospatial Server e Bentley Geo Web Publisher. IRIDE Energia sta utilizzando il sistema New SIT e la tecnologia abilitata a XML su cui è basato per ottenere un'efficienza ancora superiore nella gestione delle proprie reti multi-utility. In particolare, l'azienda si è prefissa l'obiettivo di aumentare la produttività almeno del 20% tra i settori di pianificazione, progettazione ingegneristica e assistenza ai clienti. Questo incremento sarà reso pos... (more)

Level 3 lancia un nuovo programma per partner fornitori di contenuti

Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: LVLT) ha annunciato oggi il lancio del suo nuovo programma per partner fornitori di contenuti (Content Delivery Partner, CDP) finalizzato a consolidare e ad accrescere la portata, la visibilità e il valore dei portafoglio internazionale della società di servizi per la telediffusione e la trasmissione di contenuti. Il programma CDP di Level 3 promuoverà il raggiungimento degli obiettivi strategici perseguiti dalla società relativamente alla trasmissione di contenuti, permettendo ai distributori diretti, rivenditori a valore aggiunto e fornitori di soluzioni affiliati (quali gli sviluppatori di riproduttori mediali online) di servirsi delle piattaforme di trasmissione di Level 3 CDN e Vyvx® per offrire un’esperienza eccezionale sia agli utenti online che agli utenti finali dei servizi di trasmissione. Level 3 lavorerà in stretta ... (more)

Level 3 contribuisce alla trasmissione dei Giochi olimpici invernali del 2010 a Vancouver per France Télévisions

Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ : LVLT) ha annunciato oggi che sta collaborando con France Télévisions per rendere accessibili i Giochi olimpici invernali del 2010 a Vancouver in formato HD agli utenti online e mobili dal 12 al 28 febbraio. France Télévisions trasmetterà le Olimpiadi in diretta online e ai cellulari iPhone di Apple per due settimane, ovvero per l’intera durata dell’evento, a partire dalle ore 19.00 fino alle ore 6.00 del fuso orario della costa del Pacifico (PST), e fornirà contenuti su richiesta al di fuori del suddetto orario. La trasmissione è resa possibile dall’uso della rete di trasmissione di contenuti (content delivery network, CDN) e dei servizi per eventi in diretta (Live Event Services) di Level 3, unitamente alle soluzioni di Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Live Smooth Streaming e Microsoft Silverlight. IIS Smooth St... (more)

Telecinco sceglie Level 3 per lo streaming di contenuti mediatici in diretta e su richiesta

Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ : LVLT) ha annunciato oggi di essere stata selezionata dall’emittente televisiva spagnola Telecinco per la fornitura di servizi per reti di trasmissione di contenuti (content delivery network, CDN) per supportare lo streaming online dei suoi contenuti in diretta e su richiesta nel formato ad alta definizione (HD). Ai sensi del contratto in oggetto, Level 3 fornirà servizi di Web caching e trasmissione di contenuti per lo streaming in diretta e su richiesta dei programmi di Telecinco, compresi “Grande Fratello” (“Gran Hermano”), “Pop Idol” (“Operación Triunfo”) e “Dancing with the Stars” (“¡MQB!”). Microsoft Corp., partner Alliance di Level 3, collaborerà con Level 3 per la trasmissione dei contenuti ad alta definizione di Telecinco sfruttando la suite di servizi CDN di Level 3 e le soluzioni Microsoft Silverlight e Microsoft Int... (more)

Red Hat to Webcast Press Conference from Red Hat Summit 2012 on June 27

Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that the company will host a press conference that will be broadcast live via webcast from Red Hat Summit in Boston at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 27, 2012. To join the live webcast, or to watch the replay, visit;F:QS!10100&ShowKey=9438. Questions to be answered during the press conference and webcast can be submitted directly via the webcast platform, sent to [email protected] or submitted through Twitter via the hashtag #redhat. Additional Resources Red Hat Summit and JBoss World Follow updates from Red Hat Summit and JBoss World on Twitter at @RedHatSummit or #redhat Connect with Red Hat Get more Red Hat news or subscribe to the Red Hat news RSS feed Follow Red Hat on Twitter Join Red Hat on Facebook Watch Red Hat vid... (more)

Patients with Adrenal Insufficiency Report a Need for Improved Management of Their Condition

- 87% of secondary AI patients and 60% of primary AI patients reported that their condition affected quality of life - Largest ever, worldwide AI patient survey data presented at the 15th Congress of the European NeuroEndocrine Association (ENEA), Vienna, Austria BRUSSELS, Sept. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Patients with adrenal insufficiency (AI) on conventional immediate release oral hydrocortisone replacement therapy report a compromised quality of life, leading to significant changes in work, social life and physical activity, according to new data presented at the 15th ENEA Congress in Vienna, Austria today.[1] The study authors suggest that patients with AI feel that there is a need for improved management of the condition and alternative options to standard glucocorticoid replacement strategies, especially in patients with secondary AI. The worldwide survey of 1... (more)

Exclusive Q&A with Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation

"We continue to struggle a bit with what developers think “Eclipse” means. They have heard of it, but they believe that we are entirely focused on Java tools when in fact we are doing so much more," says Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, in this exclusive Q&A with Jeremy Geelan. "Our goals at Eclipse are to create an industrial-strength open source development platform that spans extensible tools, frameworks and runtimes," adds Milinkovich - pictured here during a previous Webcast on SYS-CON.TV from our Times Square studio. Eclipse Developer's Journal: May 20th marked your 4th anniversary as the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. What have been the biggest changes in the Eclipse ecosystem in that time? Mike Milinkovich: I believe the biggest change is the breadth of the projects that are happening at Eclipse today, and the eco... (more)

An Exclusive JDJ Interview With Sun's Jonathan Schwartz

Java developers will have noticed in the past few weeks that Sun has already begun to crank up a new "unified" approach to its software business. Sun gave JDJ an exclusive chance to ask questions, offering you the reader the opportunity to ask Jonathan Schwartz, the dynamic young executive VP of Sun's new Software Group, what's going on at Sun. : I've been working exclusively with Java since its birth. I'm a big fan, especially of Sun's Java. However, this past year I noticed that Sun's stock wasn't doing well. Many people, Microsoft folks included, have started to claim that Sun won't be around in five years. I'm really concerned; I know Java will be fine because of broad support from the industry, but I would like to see the creator of Java always be the leader of Java. : Sun has plenty of staying power. We are coming off a seasonal low per... (more)

iPhone Is Safe No "gPhone" Coming From Google

The on-again, off-again Google Phone or "gPhone" rumors are likely to come to halt for the forseeable future. That's because Google's Head of Research since 2006, Dr Peter Norvig, has told journalists in the UK that he doesn't think Google has any research ambition toward hardware, saying: "You know we want to work everywhere and be neutral. That neutrality is important." Norvig said in an interview that the biggest projects Google Research has right now are in machine translation and speech recognition, computer vision and face recognition, team recognition and so on. gPhone or not, Norvig confirmed the importance of the mobile aspect of computing to Google: "It’s clear mobile computing is going to become more important. We’re starting to see new platforms like the iPhone that are interesting, and it’s going to be an issue of infrastructure and har... (more)

Programming Neural Networks in Java

Computers can perform many operations a lot faster than humans. However, there are many tasks in which the computer falls considerably short. One such task is the interpretation of graphic information. A preschool child can easily tell the difference between a cat and a dog, but this simple problem confounds today's computers. In the field of computer science, artificial intelligence attempts to give computers human abilities. One of the primary means by which computers are endowed with humanlike abilities is through the use of a neural network, which the human brain is the ultimate example of. The human brain consists of a network of over a billion interconnected neurons. These are individual cells that can process small amounts of information and then activate other neurons to continue the process. However, the term neural network, as it's normally used, is actua... (more)